Thursday, July 31, 2008

From Vicki (North) Donnelly

Dear Marcia and Martha,You two know how to throw a great party! Thank you for your time and energy in making our reunion so enjoyable! I loved seeing "old" friends after 40 years and look forward to meeting again; however, I won't wait 40 years to attend the next one! Again, thank you for all that you do for the class of 1968! You're awesome!

Vicki (North) Donnelly
From Tom Barrington

Thanks to Martha and Marcia for putting it together. As Marcia will attest, I had every intention of coming up, but due to a construction project reschedule at my home I was, unfortunately, unable to. Seeing the blog pictures emphasized even more that I missed out. Attached are a couple of photos.

My wife Marie and I at the Trevi Fountain in Rome last fall.

My daughter Sarah with her boyfriend last Christmas.

The reunion chatter resulted in some fun email and phone exchanges with Hantz, Sharlow and Harrison. I know the effort it took to put this together so, again I thank you. Perhaps we could pick a good place/time and have an annual 'if you can make it' reunion. No work involved and you would never know, year to year, who would be walking through the front door! might turn into an interesting this point in our lives, every ten years is far too few parties! best to all.......Tom

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Pictures from Saturday Evening

Guess Who! If at first you don't succeed ...

... try, try again!

Louise and Con Elliott

Sue (Brockway) Corwine '68 and her husband, Mac

Diane (Bautaw) Norwood '68 and her husband, Jim

Lana and Sammy Rodriguez '68

Wanda and Walt Enslow '68

Is that really Martha Hartle and Sammy Rodriguez??

Sally and Larry Doyle '68

Louise and Con, and Vicki (North) Donnelly '68

Nancy (Weaver) Scheuplein and Candi LaCoss Deon

David Hyman '68 and Cindy (Baker) McDonald '68

Ann (Kerr) Green and Leland Green '68

Wayne Green and Nancy (White) Green '68

Kenny and Betsy (Randall) Ashley '68

Ceylon '68 and Muriel (Turner) Foster

Kenny '68 and Betsy (Jones) Friedel '68

Carol (Phillips) Bisonett '68 and her husband, Stephen

Harold and Linda (Covey) Akey '68 - more fun than you thought, eh Linda?? :)

Ed Boyd '68 and his fiance, Roxy Silsby

Mary (Snell) Wright and her husband, Bill

Linda and Peter Barney '68

Marcia (Stoddard) Bradley '68 and Alan Bradley

Remember when ... Tim O'Brien, Myrna (Kanrich) Levinson, and John Hantz

Marcia with Judy (Chase) Kirkey '68

Gilbert "Gibby/Joe" Newtown '68 and Kathy Spitzer

Bill Putnam '66 and Tim O'Brien '68

Marcia with Bill Harrison '68

Walt Enslow '68 and Leland Green '68

Ellen and Dan Hayes '68

John Barto '68 and his wife, Susan

Charlotte "Charlie, Char" Norton '69 and Pete Murphy '68

'68 Quints - Betsy (Jones) Friedel, Suzanne (Smith) Sharlow, Linda (Covey) Akey, Jane (Irish) Brown, Bonnie (Sebastian) Turner

Zdravka "Doda" (Dodig) Benko '68 and Myrna (Kanrich) Levinson '68

Seeing Doda after all these years was the highlight of our reunion for me. During our high school years, Doda came to America from Yugoslavia (is this correct, Doda?) to live with her Aunt and Uncle (Bozika and Egon Matijevic). Doda soon made a place in the hearts of many of us at PCS. WELCOME BACK TO YOUR ALMA MATER, DODA!

Mike Murphy '68 and his wife, Deborah - they met at LeMoyne College

Vicki (North) Donnelly '68 and Larry Doyle '68

Doug Saber '68 - that's Roy McDonald on Doug's left

Cindy (Baker) MacDonald '68 and her husband, Fred

Cindy (Baker) MacDonald '68, Fred MacDonald, and Dawn (Gillette) Bennett '68

John '68 and Belinda (Charleson) LaBrake - Thanks for all your help with the addresses, John!

Dave Thomas '68 and his wife, Cathy

Jane (Irish) Brown '68 and her husband "Brownie"

Kathy (Curtin) Putnam '68 and Bill Putnam '66

Bill Colbert '68

Tom "TK" Kristiansen '68 and Doda '68

Nan (Sherburne) Heath '68 and Bonnie (Hughes) Bishop '68

Sisters Sue (Weaver) Lavean and Nancy (Weaver) Scheuplein '68

Karen (Dunlap) Fenton '68 and her husband, Jim Warner

'68 Classmates - Sue (Brockway) Corwine, Linda (Frank) McDonald, Linda (Hobson) Albrecht

Marcia and Vicki '68

Roy McDonald '68 and Walt Enslow '68

Try again ... one last time!